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GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. manufactures shredders, crushers, conveying and screening equipment, which can meet the size reduction applications for almost all materials. We design overall solutions according to the materials and specific requirements.

GEO Shredding & Recycling Technology

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Electronic waste shredding and sorting production line system

GEP intelligent electronic waste shredding system through shredding, separating, sorting, dust suppression and other intelligent process to achieve automatically electronic waste separation, not only effectively shredding, and greatly improve the follow-up of resource recycling efficiency, has become popular on the market of electronic waste as shredding solution. Ring Shredder Eldan Recycling The Eldan Ring Shredder is the optimum solution for size reduction of light scrap such as: Electronic waste (WEEE directive) Non-ferrous fractions from Car Shredders; Aluminum; Small electric motors, starters; Impact rings ensures opening of material and liberation of metals. The impact rings are mounted on 4 secondary shafts located on the rotor.

Electronics Recycling (E-Waste Recycling) – ERI

ERI has eight certified facilities in the United States, which are certified to the highest standards available for e-waste processing, with an annual capacity to shred up to a billion pounds of electronics per year. This makes ERI the highest capacity e-waste processor in the industry. Electronic Waste Shredder E-Waste Shredders Franklin Miller Inc Franklin Miller TASKMASTER® shredders help companies and municipalities meet end of life (EOL) requirements for electronic waste also known as e-waste. Our shredders and systems are used to help dispose, recycle and demanufacture waste electronics as well as for secure data destruction. Electronic waste (e-waste) can be problematic to process.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling & Disposal

Electronic waste from equipment of all sizes includes dangerous chemicals like lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants. When we dispose of gadgets and devices improperly, these hazardous materials have a high risk of polluting the air, contaminating soil, and leaching into water sources. Shredding – ERI ERI has the largest e-waste shredders in the world, capable of shredding over 30,000 pounds of e-waste per hour! ERI is one of the only e-waste recyclers in the world that utilizes a two-step shredding process. First, your electronic devices are broken down into manageable pieces.

Hazardous Medical Waste Shredding

Hazardous Medical Waste Shredding. The engineers and professionals of Fornnax Technology designed and developed waste Shredders and Granulators for safe recycling and disposal of hazardous and biomedical wastes. We provide effective, reliable and ... Primary shredder for volume reduction The XR class is a powerful waste shredder that can serve as a primary shredder for volume reduction or as a single-step shredder for the production of alternative solid fuels (ASF). This flexible and versatile waste shredder can process a variety of waste streams such as commingled waste, C&I waste, C&D waste, MSW, bulky waste, ragger wire, rolled goods, carpets or wood waste.

Compact Extendable Electric Shredder For Waste Bin

Compact Extendable Electric Shredder For Waste Bin. Compact electronic shredder sits on your wastepaper basket. £29.95) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review Close × Compact Extendable Electric Shredder ... Shredder - an overview ScienceDirect Topics Shredder residues contain PCBs used in capacitors and some other materials until 1972 in Japan. It has been reported that openly burned shredder residues contain PCDD/Fs (2,3). Three types of shredder residues, two kinds from junked waste automobile shredder residues and one discarded electronic goods shredder residue, were used in this study.

Cable shredder - All industrial manufacturers

fabric, nylon Small volume electronic waste Product introduction GE series Europe type fine shredder is a new upgraded version of fine shredder. It adopts single-shaft "double motor + double reducer" ... E-scrap shredders for processing electronic waste Electronic scrap. Our customized e-scrap shredders enable you to process electronic scrap in your recycling facility and they align perfectly with your recycling system. The granulate size is adjusted in such a fashion that metals and non-metals can be separated and recycled as completely as possible.

Evaluating Which Type of Shredder is Best for Your Operation

Equipment like a shredder may be able to meet all of the technical goals that you have for it, but if you do not have enough supply of material to process, or you cannot realize enough net benefit for processing it, you might not be quite ready for the investment into the equipment. An example of this might be illustrated with electronic ... Electronics Recycling (E-Waste Recycling) – ERI Electronic recycling is the process of recovering commodities and materials from old electronic devices for re-use in new products. ERI has eight certified facilities in the United States, which are certified to the highest standards available for e-waste processing, with an annual capacity to shred up to a billion pounds of electronics per year.

Do you need a shredder for electronic waste recycle?

The GEP electronic waste intelligent shredder achieves automatic disassembly and separation of electronic waste through intelligent processes such as crushing, separation, sorting, and dust removal. It not only achieves effective crushing, but also greatly improves the efficiency of subsequent resource reuse operations. It has become the widely acclaimed electronic waste shredder ... E-Waste Shredder MachineElectronic Waste Shredder E-waste shredder machine or Electronic Waste Shredder Machine shreds the electronic waste which is now a huge problem because if electronic waste is thrown carelessly, it can create a dangerous problem for the environment. Hence it is essential to shred this e-waste. E-waste shredder machine from Raj Electricals shreds mobile handset, PCBs ...

E-Waste Scrap Shredder

E-Waste Scrap Shredder Description of Electronic Scrap Shredder: The electronic scrap shredder is designed for the crushing of matertials with large size and high hardness, such as tires, wooden pallets with nails, organic waste, garden waste, solid waste, medical waste, electronic waste... Electronic Shredder - Shredder Computer Manufacturer from ... Manufacturer of Electronic Shredder - Shredder Computer, Electronic Waste Shredder offered by Shredders & Shredding Company, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Shredders & Shredding Company. Sewri, Mumbai, Maharashtra. GST No. 27AABPD0077H1Z4. TrustSEAL Verified. Call 08048718848 78% Response Rate. SEND EMAIL.

shredder integrated recycling machine -Polystar Machinery

Polystar is the world-leading manufacturer of shredder integrated recycling machine. It supplies high performing and cost-effective shredder integrated recycling machine for post-industrial and ex-factory waste. Polystar is recognized as the top shredder integrated recycling machine manufacturer in Taiwan today. Polystar has installed more than 1000 sets of shredder integrated recycling ... E-Waste Shredder Electronic Waste Shredder Electronic Waste ... E-Waste Shredder (ES-S8550) With many successful customers operating around the world, ENERPAT has found the best electronics scrap processing system design philosophy is to employ machinery to separate commodities at the first point they become marketable, at the highest capacity possible, and refine high value materials after initial separation.

Shredding systems and shredder made by Erdwich

We are a highly-specialised engineering and manufacturing company working in recycling and shredder technology. Our core competencies are shredding machinery, turnkey systems and comprehensive services. Whether you work in heavy industry or waste management – if the job involves shredding and recycling, ERDWICH is the one to call. E-waste Shredder – Schind Equipment SCHIND E-Shredders for shredding piles of electronic clutter. Our shredders help recycle waste electronics. This is the most secure way of data deconstruction. Sensitive and personal information is stored digitally every day. It may be in your phones, tablets hard drives, flash drives and other forms of electronic ...

Pre-Shredder FORUS SE 250 Eggersmann GmbH

The FORUS SE 250 pre-shredder is suitable for all types of refuse and wood. Household, bulk, or commercial waste, plastic sheet, paper and electronic waste are shredded just as effortlessly as reclaimed and demolition timber, green waste and root stocks. Electronic Waste Shredder and Ewaste Recycling - Wiscon Wiscon Electronic Waste shredder plays an essential role in processing e-waste and e-scrap. To ensure a high yield during the recovery process, the shredding step (Electronic Waste Shredder) should efficiently break down e-scrap, and release only a meager amount of fine particles. During shredding, a vaccum system has to run.

Waste to energy: Custom industrial shredder 3R 15/200 …

The heart of the system consists of an industrial 150 kW, 200 hp, three-shaft shredder model 3R 15/200 . The shredder is equipped with 50 mm thick 5-1 hook blades and material selection grids with 100 mm holes. The plant is mounted on a support stand ... The Future of Electronic Waste Electronic Design Out of the 100 major plants, more than 30 utilize the Kubota Vertical Shredder to reduce the size of the electronic waste. With the Vertical Shredder holding roughly 30% of the market share, it ...

The Future of Electronic Waste Electronic Design

The Kubota Vertical Shredder is widely used to grind down electronic waste into various particle sizes. The mighty Kubota Vertical Shredder can process large and small domestic appliances, metal... E-waste Shredder – Schind Equipment SCHIND E-Shredders for shredding piles of electronic clutter. Our shredders help recycle waste electronics. This is the most secure way of data deconstruction. Sensitive and personal information is stored digitally every day. It may be in your phones, tablets hard ...

E-Cable / Electronic Scrap Wagner Shredder

E-Cable / Electronic Scrap Applications The versatile multi-use WS (single shaft) or WTS (double shaft) shredders are applied to shredding all sorts of materials, both before and after the economic recycling process of waste, for the recovery of precious raw materials, in-company recycling processes, and volume reduction. Scrap shredders for recycling solid waste, including wood, electronic ... www.prostyjezyk.plder design and manufactures low-speed, high-torque industrial shredders and completed size reduction systems for variety solid wastes: Plastic wastes, product destruction, marine solid waste shredder, glass bottle crushers, food wastes shredder ...

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